Movmeter is an iTunes Visualizer Plug-In that plays a movie file and synchronize with the music on your iTunes.


Movmeter-0.5.dmg.gz (4.8MB, 2005-02-28)

How to use

  1. Copy Movmeter.bundle to ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/.
  2. Relaunch your iTunes.
  3. Select Visualizer > Movmeter.
  4. Toggle-on Visualizer.
  5. Play music!
  6. When you tired of Movmeter, You can press 0-9 key and switch the movie.
  7. When you tired of Movmeter again, You can change Options and select your own movie.


2005-02-28 Movmeter-0.5.dmg.gz
Added movie switcher and 10 built-in movies.
2004-12-25 Movmeter-0.4.dmg.gz
Added more configurable options.
2004-12-10 Movmeter-0.3.dmg.gz
Changed sample movie.
2004-11-02 Movmeter-0.2.dmg.gz
Bug fix only.
2004-10-31 Movmeter-0.1.dmg.gz


Plants In Motion
Some short and interesting movies. It's good for Movmeter.
Movmeter 0.5 - MacUpdate