What if we got each human being on earth to be narcissistically posting their news, their commentary, and photos of their cats and dogs and breakfasts, and they’ll do that work for free. We don’t have to pay them because we just show their friends the number of followers they have and now they’ll actually just addictively come back and want to get as much attention for themselves as possible.

But what’s really happened is that they’ve become kind of like the information or attention gig economy workers, they’re like the Uber drivers, but they’re driving around attention.

Tristan Harris

I bought this domain in 2003 when I got into a college. This was the place where I used to distribute software. While all files are still there, I don’t link them from here since they would not be relevant anymore.

Nowadays my updates go to my blogs. I’m also active on GitHub.

Oh, let me introduce myself. I’m Kazuyoshi Kato, a Japanese software developer in Seattle, Washington.