Framework Laptop

Framework Laptop is a laptop that is repairable and upgradable. I bought one in 2022 for personal use, another in 2023 for work. Both currently have Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.


Framework Linux's display is 13.5 inch and 2256 x 1504 px. The pixel density is slightly lower than Apple's similar laptops. For example, MacBook Air is 13.3 inch and 2560 x 1600 px.

For me, the following setting strikes the good balance between screen real estate and smooth text rendering.

"Tweaks" is gnome-tweaks.

Brightness buttons don't work

The buttons don't work out of the box, but there is a fix.

macOS-like Cmd/Ctrl split

macOS uses Cmd for GUI shortcuts (e.g., Cmd-c as copy) and keeps Ctrl for Unix-like shortcuts, including Emacs-like editing shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl-n as down).

On Linux, technically Gnome + Wayland, xremap makes that possible. My xremap.yml is on GitHub.